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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Opportunity Cost

Sitting here, working on Quantitative's assigment and wondering..."did I make the right decision by coming to georgetown to get my MBA?"
Just learn today that my opportunity cost are missing my promotion opportunity and not able to watch my son as he grows. Hmmm...how do I value those? What do I get in return (besides free education)? I hope it worth...a lot!


Blogger susi rahmi said...

i know you will get something better than promotion.. about your son's grow, maybe you will missing it live but u can watch it from there... come on uda, i know u can do it and dont regret with the choise that you have choosen... i miss u.. englishnya belepotan...

9:33 PM

Blogger politicaltears said...

wah wah wah.. i've just realized that you dropped a comment at my blog, so yeah i didn't know that you have updated your life within this blog. anyway, congrats for the baby and the school life, it's fun isn't it to be back as a student? [not the assigment, i know, hehehe] just enjoy the ride and make the most out of it. please don't hesitate to visit my blog when you are free. wush wush, riding a roller and see everything from kids eyes, and everything's gonna look different!

6:51 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

uh poor you harri.. :p
a lonely birthday party, missing in watching your baby growth, and you said you'll miss your promotion opportunity..
but the other side you'll get your MBA with no cash out from your personal expenses.. and I think someday you'll get more and more.. AMIN
so.. cheer up bro.. don't be pussy..
but I have a question.. do you really want to live in Jakarta for the rest of your life?
if you ask me the same question.. hhmmm I don't think so.. Jakarta is not my dream town.. but if you ask me more.. so what's your dream town, where you'll spend your life ever after?
I can't answer it.. hehe.. not yet right now..


2:53 AM

Blogger arinlearns2blog said...

Never regret ur decision.. Life is an option and u have to responsible for whatever u have choose. Trust me, there will be returns in the future.. Maybe not shortly, but u will find out later on.. God's path always the best.. Anyway, on December your son will join you, isn't..? Be patient for a while... And be happy for the rest of your life... Amiiiiinnn....
(Sok wise ngga seh gw..)

10:41 PM


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