I'm really addicted to roller coaster ride and I think life is just like riding one. There are some ups and downs but that's what make life even more interesting. And sometimes because you are tight up to your seat, you just have to follow to where the car lead you into.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Poem for my son...

Oh baby...

the way you smile is magic
I feel like i am in a wonderland
where words be butterflies
where thoughs be gardens
the way you look at me baby
give me completness
transfer my soul to angle
the way you touch me baby
like begining meets the end
like reailty set in dreams
oh baby....
everything you do bring felicity to me
i feel like a child when i am with you
i feel like i am a bird and you her nest
oh baby...
i adore you
i love you 100%
you are where my future stand
and my past band in sand
oh baby......
oh baby....

noha ramzy


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