I'm really addicted to roller coaster ride and I think life is just like riding one. There are some ups and downs but that's what make life even more interesting. And sometimes because you are tight up to your seat, you just have to follow to where the car lead you into.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm only human....

Memang ternyata manusia itu ga pernah puas....
Here I am right now
Studying for my MBA degree in US for absolutely free
because my company is paying for everything
Never once I imagine that I could be in this position
I have dreamt about studying abroad and
getting my MBA degree but I never imagine
that I could be this far
But now here I am, right now....
My ego is starting to play the game on my mind
Now I'm thinking of looking for another job...
The starting basic salary of $80K - 120K per year
is really changing my perspective about my future
But do I really want to do this?


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