I'm really addicted to roller coaster ride and I think life is just like riding one. There are some ups and downs but that's what make life even more interesting. And sometimes because you are tight up to your seat, you just have to follow to where the car lead you into.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Late birthday party!

Had my first exam today...Quantitave Methods! I blew it...ohh, I don't know what happen to me in that class? Well, never mind. There are still 2nd exam, mid test and final. I'll make it up. But I love this day. Although it's 2,5 weeks late, my friends buy me a dinner for my birthday.
Thank you guys, it means a lot to me.


Blogger arinlearns2blog said...

Happy belated birthday....
I Wish u all the best..
May God Bless U always...

10:57 PM


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